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Schooled At Ivy Hill Park

By Kamieha Greene

On Wednesday, July 27, 2016, the UVSO Department Community Outreach & Planning (DCOP) team took a trip up to Ivy Hill Park. We were not exactly sure why we were there. We were only told that the DCOP Outreach Coordinator, Pamela Daniels was being interviewed. When we arrived, we met Carolyn Jones and her team from 100 People Foundation. She and her camera crew were filming Ms. Pam (as we call her) as part of a special Newark Celebration 350 project called “100 People of Newark.” What we also did not know was that as Ms. Pam’s interns, we would be part of a photo shoot too! So for the first fifteen minutes we were really “on location” at Ivy Hill Park taking shot after shot until the 100 People Foundation had what they needed. After the lavish shoot, Ms. Jones sat with Ms. Pam and began the interview. She was asked questions like, “How did you come to work at UVSO?” and “How do you want your work to be remembered?” and “What do you want millennials to know about community development work?”

After viewing Ms. Pam’s experience, I learned that hard work leads to recognition both personal and also for your organization. I learned that even though African-American women face a lot of odds, they can beat them by working hard. I learned that it only takes one fish to create a ponds-worth of success. This was an experience I can never forget. I look forward to the finished project, which is slated for the end of the year.

The Future is Now

UVSO Executive Director, Mike Farley, speaking at the Community Forum

On Friday, June 20, UVSO hosted one of the 6 Community Forums held by Mayor-Elect Ras J. Baraka’s transition team.  Over 150 Newark residents crowded into our Teen Center space at 40 Richelieu Terrace to make their voices and ideas heard.

The energy in the room was palpable as the mayor-elect took the stage and gave a rousing pep talk.  He encouraged everyone to take this opportunity to speak directly to his administration about what matters to them around the issues of public safety, public health, education, recreation,jobs,  and economic development, and he promised to listen.  Once the breakout groups commenced, the conversations were lively and robust.

Today, Ras J. Baraka begins his term as Mayor of this great city and we are excited to see what the future holds. We look forward to working closely with his administration to continue our mission here in Vailsburg, which is to create a stable and compassionate community.